EXPANSION Announcement / Shark Hunter out now!

Releasing June 30, 2024

EXPANSION by The Garages is a retelling of the second and third eras of Blaseball. It’s also a love letter to splort, chronicling the tumultuous emotions from the bright-eyed optimism of Peace and Prosperity to the frenzied desperation of the Expansion Era’s last moments.

This album is a project I’ve been working on in part for two YEARS now, since before the end of Blaseball – I’m super excited for it to finally be announced! I found The Garages during the Expansion Era of Blaseball, and so my experiences with the band, Fourth Strike, Blaseball, and the entirety of the late-pandemic were characterized by the chaotic community atmosphere and overwhelming narrative of this arc. I have more than one song on this LP, and a handful more contributions throughout. The entire thing is full of incredible work from some of The Garages’ best, and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Shark Hunter (by the incredibly talented Rolo Brookwood with additional music and lyrics by Jen Cat) is the first single from the album, out now! I had the pleasure of tracking several of the choral parts for this song, and I’ve been WAITING to stream it on a loop since the very first demo. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Also check out Nia’s write-up of the album here on Cohost!

Published: June 30th, 2024

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